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Each piece of furniture is made with care starting from an on-site survey performed with the use of a portable device capable of measuring both in 2D and 3D. The software used also allows you to control dimensions and information in 3D, making it possible to detect any type of measurement. The digitized data is processed on a computer with the aid of CAD tools and through specific software. In this way, 2D and 3D drawings of the furnishings are obtained: this allows a simultaneous view of the whole and of the details. The 3D foams are subsequently processed with the aid of a software that allows you to design the cut of the fabric for each individual element depending on the shape of the piece and the type of material used. The pieces elaborated through a mathematics, are flattened and then printed on paper in 1: 1 scale: here is the paper model. The pattern will then be placed on the chosen and cut fabric, leather or support. For each single piece, a cutting sheet, a sewing sheet and a sheet for assembling the pieces are prepared. The foams for the padding are designed and manufactured following a precise study to ensure a good combination of aesthetics, performance and comfort. The foams are waterproofed and entirely covered in breathable 3D honeycomb and finally lined with the fabric chosen by the customer.